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Buying Office

Welcome to our Zhuhai Office website, the dedicated buying office for the ODM group .   Inventors from around the world trust us to develop their unique products. SME & Multinational companies, who want a "hands on" agent to manage their relations with Chinese factories, count on us to get the job done. What does a Buying Office do: Pro stands for Procurement .  ODM Pro focus on finding manufacturing solutions for clients around the world. We act as your dedicated staff in China and take care of your every needs.  ODM sets up partnerships with reliable suppliers in Mainland China and uses the Group Purchasing Power and its in-depth knowledge of the market to gain advantage for our clients. The ODM Group possess strong experience in innovative and radical new product development thanks to its Invention Incubator based in Singapore.   How to set up you own Buying Office: We have a dedicated staff in our Shanghai office to manage your business.  We work like a

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